jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

For those about to rock,

She looks to the sun
Help her to carry on
Braking down all the years
Wondering how she got here
She drifts through the sky
Counting the reasons why
How my life turned so fast
Remembering all of the past

All the changes, and all the mistakes
Foolishly laughing at things that
Words that she says

She looks to the stars
Breaking, time to follow the heart
Her world is falling apart

And the turning of every new page
A book on a shelf that is there to remain
Breaking the walls as she's tearing them down
A she is starting to drown

She's waiting for love
She's waiting, waiting for love
Waiting, waiting for love
She's waiting, waiting so long

She prays to the Gods
Telling how she needs someone
Help me find where I am today
Life is looking very grey

All the changes, all the mistakes
Foolishly laughing at things that
Everything that she says

I'm waiting for a new day to rise
Conversations to make sense to me and my mind
I need someone to lift me right off of my feet
And I want it, and I need it, and I'll leave it all behind
And all the changes I've made
And I remember the words, that you'll never say

She looks to the sun
Perdí la paz que en algun momento poseí, capaz se escondió abajo del sillón o en el freezer...
We salute you.

2 comentarios:

Srta. Enet dijo...

i'm waiting for your love (8)

como aquella epica publicidad de quilmes de la que todos nos acordamos

Olivia Alivio dijo...

For those about to rock Fire your guns.
Con las canciones de ACDC podés formar frases.
Oh sí.
Como Back in black Hail Caesar.